Important Tips for Female Executive Travelers

Men and women both travel regularly, and we see all types of professionals and executives taking advantage of our limo service in Chicago and the surrounding areas. While men and women traveling for business in the executive capacity have many traits in common, it’s not uncommon to consider a woman a bigger target in many instances. Women traveling alone can become a target to those who want to cause harm to others. Many criminals view women as easier targets than men, more desirable targets than men, and they grossly underestimate women as a whole. We see our fair share of female executives traveling alone, and we want to be sure our customers know how to stay safe when traveling anywhere alone.


Find Reliable Transportation

Hiring corporation transportation in Chicago is your safest option when traveling alone. We pick you up at your gate at the airport, we transport you to the door of your hotel, and anywhere else you need to go. You’re in the care of one of our trusted, professional chauffeurs, and you are traveling in the comfort of one of our luxury limos or black cars. This eliminates the amount of time you spend alone in a dark parking garage, rental car pick up lot, or waiting for other transportation. Our job is to get you where you need to go, but we also serve another purpose in keeping you safe in city you are not familiar with.


Be Aware

Anyone traveling alone must be aware of their surroundings no matter their gender or age. We recommend you know where you are going, don’t allow your phone to distract you when you’re in public, and keep a can of mase or your keys between your fingers when you travel alone. This is especially true at night, though we recommend you do not do any walking alone at night if it can be avoided.


Remain Private

Don’t tell strangers where you’re staying, and keep your hotel keycard in your hand when you enter your hotel. You want to get into your room as quickly as possible, but be sure the number to your room is not showing on your card as you walk through the lobby or the hall. If you feel uncomfortable at all, ask a hotel staff member to accompany you to your door and report anyone who seems out of place or as though they’re not someone who belongs in the hotel with you.


Stick Together

The safest thing to do when traveling is to stick together. You want to stay with the people you know, stay together when you’re out, and you want to hire our Chicago limo service to transport you where you need to go. Our professional chauffeurs are vetted, reliable, and they have passed extensive background checks allowing them to drive for our company. Don’t make the mistake of traveling without familiarizing yourself with our safety tips while you’re in the city.

Posted on Feb 15 2017