How to pack for the perfect trip

Woman packing overfilled suitcasePacking is a pain for anyone who travels. Somehow you always tend to err on the safe side and end up hauling too much. This short post gives you some ideas about how to strip your travel load down to what you actually need.

Save the hassle

Taking too much may mean you don’t have to think too much about packing but it’ll make everything else harder. Firstly, if you pack too much, you’re going to have to haul it. Next it will not make you life any easier when you get to your destination and have to unpack all of those shoes. Lastly, if you have too many bags it’s not easy to get around and you become reliant on others to help you.

Save money

Excess baggage charges increase often. What’s more, is that you are likely going to have to find ground transportation with a larger capacity if you’ve got several large bags. You will also find yourself having to pay much more gratuity to anyone who touches your heavy cases.

Save time

No matter how difficult it is to travel with a large number of heavy bags, it’s almost certainly slower. For business travels this could be a drama. It will take longer to check your bags, as you’ll be paying for all that extra weight. You’ll be less agile when you at the other end and having to deal with all that baggage and when you’re finally at your destination it’s going to take you longer to find what you need if you’re actually sorting through all the other stuff.

One answer

If you really have to travel heavy, you’re going to need a great ground transportation solution - someone who’s going to help out and ensure that you’ve got a suitable vehicle and some muscle to carry your stuff.

Heavy or light, Pontarelli Transportation can guarantee you world class ground transportation. Based in Chicago and offering services in our home city and, through our affiliates, across the world, we strive to offer nothing but the best quality of service for our many treasured clients. We can offer options for all budgets and occasions so call us today on 800-322-5466 to see if we can give you a better deal.

Posted on Apr 30 2014