How to Navigate the Airports with Kids

Traveling with kids offers many benefits. Children who are exposed to new destinations and places to see are children who are likely to grow up with a sense of curiosity and adventure. At the same time, traveling with children on a plane can be stressful for the parents and their kids. Luckily, there are many ways to ease the strain. Proper preparation to the child's needs as well as lots of advanced preparation before the flight can help. Keep in mind the age of the child as well as the length of the airline trip. When traveling with more than one child, each kid will need to be safe, calm and content knowing their parents are taking them somewhere they'll enjoy.


Packing Well

It's a good idea to pack carefully before leaving. Proper packing means using all available space well. If space is limited, make full use of all carry-on luggage as well as any luggage that will be stowed away on the plane. All luggage should have a tag indicating the child's name and address. Let children pick out their own pieces. A bright pink or purple carry-on piece can brighten the child's day and make it easier to find the luggage when it's brought off the plane. Tell each child how many clothing items they can bring with them. Let the child bring another item that is special to them such as a favorite stuffed toy or music box. Books and maps about their ultimate destination are also a good idea. Each child should have luggage they can handle easily. Items with wheels make it easy for a child to travel through any airport. Try the luggage out in the store first. It should handle turns and curves without getting stuck.


Allow Enough Time

Getting kids out of the house can be tough. Remember that airports generally recommend getting there at least an hour or before the plane leaves. If you're heading out on an early morning flight, make sure the kids get a good night's sleep and a good breakfast before you leave. It's also a good idea to allow extra time to prepare everything first. Create a checklist with everything you need. Check each item off the list as you head out. It's a good idea to know the airport before you leave. Look up the airport's details online. Many times, you'll be able to see the best place to grab a quick snack and let each child go to the bathroom before you board the plane.


Transportation at the Airport

Transport to and from the airport is another great way to make airport travel with kids much easier. Our limo service Chicago offers enough room for every child and parent to sit comfortably as they head to their desired destination in this city. Our Chicago airport shuttle also makes it easy for every member of the family to relax in comfort as they get to the airport from their hotel or their home.

Posted on Jul 31 2018