How to Choose the Perfect Limo Service for a Special Occasion

Choosing the perfect limo service would apparently seem to be a simple exercise. You can contact a few companies, compare their fleets and quotes, work on the finer aspects such as amenities you need and zero in on a choice. Delve deeper into the various attributes of any limo service and the particulars that would be unique to your occasion or trip and you will realize how comprehensive the selection process has to be. Here is a brief guide that will help you to find the best limo service for a special occasion.


  • Do not begin the assessment with a quote. A quote, even if it is free and nonobligatory, does not matter much at the outset since it will be subject to reviews once you have provided more details pertaining to the nature of transportation you need. Begin your assessment with the fleet. You need a company that has the right limo for your special occasion. There are multiple brands of limousines and limo buses available with us. There is a wide range of capacity. Every limo has a certain aesthetic appeal. Not all limos have the same type of interior. You need to consider these details.


  • The other set of details that would be of immense importance are the physical attributes of the limo you are inclined to choose. Some limousines have more shoulder room, some have more than usual legroom, some have more headspace, and some have a lower profile. You need to choose a limo that will suit the people you are arranging the transportation for. If you have a person or people with disabilities, then you will require limo buses that are ADA compliant.


  • Once you are completely certain that the perfect limo is available, you should delve into the different aspects of the limo service. One of the key requirements is personalization. You cannot have a generic or standard limo service. It has to be tailored to your needs. This customization is not limited to the route. It is a given that the limo will take a route that you agree with. Personalization pertains to amenities, the nature of recommendations, the hospitality and the actual fare. Many limo services have standard fares and they don’t reduce them even if a trip deserves so. The same companies often increase their standard fares if the trips demand. Such a policy may benefit the ground transportation company, but it definitely does not favor you.


  • Finally, you need to choose a limo service that is ever reliable, punctual and committed. You need prompt customer service, a trained and experienced chauffeur who is courteous and professional, a safe ride and all the luxury amenities that you would like to enjoy en route. We have an in-house concierge team. We ensure ongoing training of all our staff including our chauffeurs. We have a diverse fleet in impeccable condition and you would not find anything amiss in our cars or in our limo service for any special occasion you have.

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Posted on Apr 24 2018