Here are 10 Recommended Places to Visit this Summer

It’s still summer, and if you’ve already explored all there is to do around you, you might just want to look a little further afar. After all, summer is one of the best times for a getaway, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. It’s always good to have your plans laid out clearly in order to know exactly how things should proceed, so it’s time to get right on it. In fact, we’ve got our own list of summer getaway recommendations just for you right here, so just keep reading:


Fancy visiting the tallest building in Dubai, the staggering 828 meters tall Burj Khalifa? How about checking into the world-famous 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab? If all of this strikes your fancy, you’ll want to head on here to experience some of the finest things in this popular UAE city. There’s plenty of air-conditioned shopping malls and tons of affordable food options waiting for you here, so come check it out this summer!


One of the most famous sights in Mexico is actually the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, and it holds a solid spot as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. However, if hiking and exploring ancient ruins aren’t exactly what you’re looking for on your summer break, you’ll best head on over to Mexico City. Here, you’ll find plenty to enjoy and occupy yourself with, from delicious foods and tons of museums to pristine beaches and interesting cultures.


It’ll be dry season till October, so make your way over to enchanting Indonesia in order to make the most of the non-monsoon period. Bali is a popular destination and its culture is distinctly different from other parts of this island country. There’s plenty to see and explore here. From the vibrant capital of Jakarta to beguiling West Timor villages, this is a one-stop destination that’s bound to leave you speechless.


Since it’s already summer here, why not experience summer somewhere a little more exotic? The country of Morocco has lots to offer its visitors, even in summer. In fact, if you’re not into the idea of camping, you might want to consider glamping in the Sahara instead to enjoy a night sky filled with countless stars. Other than that, the nation’s favorite pastime of people watching at street cafes with a coffee or mint tea sounds interesting as well, doesn’t it?


It’s going to be summer in the Netherlands’ capital till September, so why not visit this popular European destination for your summer break? Here, cycling is so much the norm that you’ll even feel a distinct freshness in the air from less carbon monoxide. From intricate canal systems to quaint narrow houses and plenty of other cultural remnants from the Golden Age, this is one easy city to fall in love with.

Bora Bora

This truly magnificent island paradise is a top honeymoon destination, and once you set your sights on its crystal-clear waters, you’ll understand why. Situated northwest of Tahiti, this beautiful island is known for its year-round opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s going to be a little crowded until October, but if it’s the sun and sand you’re looking for (but upgraded!), this is the place for you this summer.


Looking to experience life an international spy for a while? Well, you’ll best head on over to Monaco then. This independent city-state on the Mediterranean coastline of France is definitely worth visiting, especially if you’ve already made the rounds in Paris before. Here, expect a laid-back lifestyle, upscale casinos, luxurious resorts and hotels, and plenty of fine French gourmet foods to fill your time.


If you’ve never heard of Lima before this, it’s high time you find out more about Peru’s capital. After all, it’s truly a haven for food lovers, and even though it’s the winter season till November, there are still plenty of food tours that not only introduces you to many local specialties but also combines a cultural tour and city tour. It can be a little nippy (at 55 - 66°F), but that’s not going to stop the fun from happening, right?


September to March is the best time to view the spectacular Northern Lights in Iceland, but even if that isn’t high on your list of must-sees, there’s still plenty to occupy your attention on this Nordic island. If you’re into enjoying the outdoors to the max, you’ll best get your hiking boots ready since July and August is the time to head out the door. It’s one of nature’s most beautiful paradises on earth, so why not give it a go this summer?


Here, the place to spend your time is definitely outdoors. After all, with such beautiful surroundings, it’s really a crime to coop yourself up in your room. Even the islanders live most of their lives outdoors, and with their easy-going character and low-key lifestyle, it’s easy to feel the cares and worries just float away from you into the Pacific Ocean.

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Posted on Jul 29 2019