Have an Adventurous Summer in Chicago with These 12 Outdoor Sport Suggestions

There will be plenty of time to spend indoors in other seasons. Since summer is just around the corner, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of warmer temperatures to go outdoors instead? There’s something appealing and enjoyable about outdoor summer sports, and there’s going to be something you’re looking forward to. It could be a calmer option or even one that leaves you breathless, but the best thing about being outdoors is that you’ll get to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Water Sports

You don’t necessarily have to be an ace swimmer to enjoy some types of water sports, and in fact, there are many family-friendly options too. Of course, you can always choose to stay indoors instead, but when there’s such marvelous weather, you’ll want to consider some of our outdoor water sport suggestions down below:


Whether you’re into freestyle swimming, breaststrokes or even just floating on the water, summer’s your friend for great outdoor weather. You can pretty much choose to swim indoors for the rest of the year, so come on out while the sun’s still shining.  

Suggestion: Montrose Beach, Ohio Street Beach, Oak Street Beach, 31st Street Beach


You’ve probably seen quite a few cool surfing scenes in movies and even in real life, and that’s pretty much one of the main reasons why most people start dreaming of conquering the waves. If this is something you’ve always wanted to try out, you should definitely take a shot at it this summer.

Suggestion: Lake Michigan, 57th Street Beach, Montrose Beach


Another great water sport option is windsurfing, and about the only thing you’ll need is a good wind to get things going. Of course, things could be a little rough at the start, but if your head ever goes underwater, just remember to stay calm and head for the surface. 

Suggestion: Montrose Beach, Greenwood Beach, Wolf Lake


For those looking for an option that doesn’t necessarily require knowing how to swim, there’s always kayaking. In calmer waters (like a lake), beginners will be able to adjust to paddling right and regularly before venturing out to faster flowing waters.  

Suggestion: Ohio Street Beach, Montrose Beach, North Avenue Beach

Land Sports

There’s something about ball games that get people pumped up, and it’s a popular summer option. However, there are plenty more types of land sports to choose from, and the best thing about many of it is that almost anyone can have a go and enjoy it. We’re all for having a good time outdoors in the summer, so here are our top land sport suggestions for you: 


Ever hit one out of the park before? Well, whether you have or haven’t, there’s no denying that baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes. There’s something intrinsically invigorating about connecting your bat to that flying ball, so you might just want to give this sport a go this summer. 

Suggestion: Tri Fields, Burnham Park


Here’s a fast-paced team sport for those competitive spirits out there. Although it’s an Olympic entree, it’s also a popular sport that can easily be picked up. Just round up a bunch of friends, divide into two teams and you’re ready for some fun activities out on the court. 

Suggestion: Rainbow Beach Park, Montrose Beach


A beloved sport worldwide, soccer (or in other countries, football) has plenty of fans who’ll be ready to testify that it’s the best sport ever invented. Well, you needn’t agree with that, but if the idea of kicking a ball around this summer sounds appealing, go for it!

Suggestion: Jackson Park, Foster Soccer Fields, Chase Park


If your bike has long been forgotten in a corner of your home, now’s the time to dust it off and put it to good use. After all, it provides a great workout, and it’s also one way to cover a lot more ground in a shorter amount of time to enjoy more of the outdoors. 

Suggestion: Chicago Lakefront Trail, North Shore Channel Trail, The 606, Chicago Riverwalk

Frisbee Golf

Rather than just playing frisbee with your dog or friends, why not give frisbee golf a shot? Just pay your local frisbee golf course a visit with a couple of frisbees and let loose for hours of fun. 

Suggestion: 50-Acre Park Disc Golf Course, The Canyons Disc Golf Course, Kress Creek Farms Park

Rock Climbing

This extreme sport has seen its fair share of accidents over time, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring it as a summertime option. If you get a thrill out of scaling great heights, this is one thing that’s sure to bring your inner risk taker out. 

Suggestion: Red River Gorge, Jackson Falls, Devil’s Lake State Park, Holy Boulders

Beach Volleyball

What would summer be without its favorite beach sport? Well, we expect it’ll be a lot duller. It’s an easy sport to pick up, and it’s also a great team activity that involves tons of shouts and laughter all around from both players and onlookers.  

Suggestion: North Avenue Beach, Oak Street Beach, Kathy Osterman Beach


For those whose joints and muscles are aching in protest, there’s always golf to fall back on. If you’re interested in a sport that emphasizes precision and strength control, this will be it. 

Suggestion: Harborside International Golf Center, Edgebrook Golf Course, Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course

When the sun’s out, it’s time to decide just how much outdoor fun you’ll be having this time round. Summertime is pretty much the only season where most people agree that spending more time outdoors is a good thing. In fact, popular spots are usually crowded with summer enthusiasts. To make the most of your summer, you’ll best let our reliable Chicago limo chauffeurs drive you around. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride, so why not give us a call today at 312 361 4111 or book our Chicago car service online?

Posted on Jun 26 2019