Five wedding problems and fixes for winter brides from Pontarelli Chicago

5 Winter Wedding Issues and How to Avoid Them

There is something magical about winter weddings. White snow, hot chocolate, amazing color pallets, and a lot of courage and creativity, these are the word that best describe a wedding organized during the cold season. And trust us, is not an easy task to plan a winter wedding.

Here are some issues that can appear during a winter wedding, but we have the perfect solutions for everything and we are sharing them with you in the following lines.

Pricy Vendors

As we are out of wedding season, you might think that vendors will offer their services at a lower price. Yes, this applies only to some vendors, but for the others, such as floral vendors, prices can increase considerably comparing to summer, spring or fall, since not all the flowers are available during the cold season.

If your favorite flowers are not available, try a classic solution – a bouquet of roses or creative flower arrangements using pinecones, twigs, colorful winter berries. You can opt for a paper or material bouquet, or, why not, for a sweet one.


We cannot talk about an outdoor wedding in the cold season, but you can also encounter some problems when choosing the right venue. Pay attention to the location – if the venue is too far and you will have a snowy big day, your guests won’t be pleased, neither will you.

The best solution to avoid such unpleasant situations is to choose a venue that is suitable for a winter event and avoid outdoor activities. Remember that your guests’ comfort is very important so make sure they will have a pleasant ride to your big day, so book Chicago Wedding Transportation to offer them a pleasant experience.


Weather is the most important thing you should worry about when organizing a winter wedding. There are many solutions for the other issues, but what are you going to do in case of a snow or ice storm during your big day? Try to prepare as much as possible for the worst case scenario and talk with your wedding planner about having a plan B or even cancel the wedding in the event of very bad weather. Make sure you write in the contract all these issues so that you can reschedule your big day for another date. And stalk the weather forecast as much as possible.


Winter holidays are a great moment for many of us to spend time with our families or go on vacations, so pay attention when you fix your wedding date. If you plan your big day around a big winter holiday, take into account the increased prices for venues, hotel rooms, décor, flowers. Not to mention that your guest may be occupied or gone in vacations.


Wedding transportation is a big problem during winter, especially if the weather is bad. Many of your guests will refuse to drive in case it is snowing, so you have to make sure they will safely arrive at your wedding.

No matter your style, personality and your wedding’s theme, we are here to offer you the best solutions for wedding day transportation.

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Posted on Nov 08 2016