Find out what’s Your Travel Persona

Our Chicago ground transportation service works closely with our clients to ensure you are given the best possible service when you arrive, depart, or simply require transportation to and from meetings when you travel. Our team of professional chauffeurs works to ensure you are satisfied with our luxury vehicles, our top-notch service, and that we are able to provide you with a stress-free travel experience when you are in the city. This means helping you learn a little more about your travel persona so you know which type of car service works for you, what you need when you travel, and how to book trips that don’t stress you out and cause you any anxiety.

Open-Minded Adventurers

When we work with travelers who fall into this category, we know they are open to new services and experiences. You are the kind of traveler who wants to try new things, who loves to hear our suggestions for experiences to try throughout the city, and who doesn’t let much get to you. You are easygoing and adventurous, and travel is always fun for you even when it doesn’t go your way.

Pampered Travelers

Loyalty programs, first-class seating, expensive champagne, and a certain level of upscale expectation is what makes a pampered traveler. You expect the best service, the highest quality of everything and everyone, and it’s your expectation everyone will cater to your needs while you’re traveling. You have high expectations, and that’s why our company works well with this kind of travelers.

Careful Planners

Details are exceptionally important to travelers like this. From downloading travel apps that assist every step of the way to double and triple-checking reservations and confirmations, no stone is left unturned. No detail is too small for this type of traveler, and we relate to that. We know much of our success is in the small details, from the cleanliness of our vehicles to the welcoming smile of our professional chauffeurs. We have a lot in common with the careful planners.

Independent and Connected Travelers

Efficiency is a virtue, and this type of traveler understands that better than any other. This is a traveler who expects businesses and their employees to run their jobs efficiently and on time, and they don’t do well when jobs are not performed to a specific standard. This type of traveler does not do well with delays, with impatience, or when things do not go according to schedule. That’s why we work hard to ensure the well-connected and independent travelers we work with are not given a reason to experience impatience or inefficient service using our services.

It’s important to handle the details, to book reliable service, and to expect the best quality service when you plan your travel. It doesn’t matter to us what kind of travel persona you have. All that matters to us is providing you with the best possible Chicago limo service and a stress-free experience when you book with us. We aim to make travel easy for our clients.

Posted on May 23 2017