Features That Your Corporate Shuttle Service Needs

limo service, limo service chicago, shuttle service chicago, chicago shuttle serviceAre you in need of a corporate shuttle service? Before you book, you may want to make sure that the service you're booking has these absolutely essential features. These features will ensure that your billing stays low and that your employees all arrive safely and on time.

1. Vehicle Tracking

When your employees are on a corporate shuttle, you want to be able to track them to make sure that they are on route and that everything is scheduled properly. There are things that can happen that are beyond control, such as bad weather and exceptional traffic. When these things occur, you'll want to know. Real-time tracking is far more valuable than "check-ins"; check-ins may only occur on an hourly or other periodic basis, whereas real-time tracking will use a GPS.

2. Route Management

Route management ensures that you get the knowledgeable expertise of your chauffeured service to plan the perfect route for your company. Simply choosing a straight line from A to B doesn't always work, especially if you need to incorporate rest stops or visit multiple destinations. You want to find a route that balances convenience, time and distance -- and that is where a corporate shuttle service can step in.

3. Backup Vehicles

Backup vehicles are absolutely essential. Though a fleet is undoubtedly well-maintained, there are things that can happen unexpectedly. When a company car breaks down, a backup vehicle can swoop on by as quickly as possible and pick up your employees to ensure that they stay on schedule.

4. Custom Billing

Rather than force your company to fit the billing schedule and specifications of your ground transportation service, a solid shuttle service will be able to offer custom billing to suit your schedule and your needs. This will streamline your company's finances and make it easier to manage your billing.

Ask your corporate shuttle service if they offer the above services! Solid corporate shuttle services will be able to manage your transportation needs from beginning to end and ensure that your employees are taken care of and always arrive on time.

Pontarelli Shuttle Services ensure ALL your needs are met, on budget and on time. Call one of our shuttle service experts today!

Posted on Aug 20 2014