Exercise Ideas for Business Travellers (Without Hitting the Hotel Gym)

When you travel regularly for business it’s not difficult for your exercise schedule to fall by the wayside. All those new places, long hours, intensive travel, and lack of routine can mean it’s difficult to motivate yourself to do any exercise, and the thought of hitting the tiny hotel gym may well fill you with dread. If this sounds familiar, then read on for some great ways you can stay fit while you travel, without spending hours on a hotel treadmill.

  • Use a fitness app

These are a fantastic resource when it comes to travelling, as you will be bringing your phone, a laptop, or tablet with you on your trip anyway, so it doesn’t require any additional equipment. You can use an app that will track your activity during the day, that will give you exercises which you can do in your hotel room, or even a full-on exercise class such as Pilates or Zumba. Whatever exercise you find motivating, look for an app and download it before you go on your next business trip.

  • Go explore the neighbourhood

If you are travelling to a new city, then why not get out on foot and explore the local area? A good walk will do wonders for your energy levels and is a great way to see the local sights – it won’t even feel like exercise if you are distracted with an interesting and unfamiliar area. Ask a co-worker to go with you or listen to your favorite podcast if you want to keep yourself even more entertained as you go.

  • Look for local classes

If you are a regular at a group fitness class when you’re back home, then business travel doesn’t have to mean giving it all up until you get back. Search for local classes in the area and you might be surprised by what you find – while, of course, some classes will require membership there are likely to be others that are happy to accept walk-ins and visitors. That way you’ll get to do a type of exercise you already enjoy, and you might even learn some new skills by attending a different class!

  • Go for a run

There is probably nothing more convenient, cheaper, or flexible than going for a run. You can go whenever it suits you, it’s another great way to get out and see the local area, and it allows you to burn some serious calories in a short space of time. Try using an app such as MapMyRun or Strava and look for routes that have already been mapped in the local area, that way you will be able to follow a good route and avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar area!

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Posted on Feb 27 2018