Etiquette Inside the Limousine

limo service chicago, chicago limousine serviceHow often do you use limousines and other chauffeured transportation services? Whether you have only recently begun relying on limos to get you to your next destination or have been interacting with chauffeurs for a while now, it pays to know what principles of etiquette govern the relationship between drivers and passengers.

To begin, it’s important to remember that the passengers and drivers have a professional relationship in which both parties deserve respect and courtesy, noted a recent article at Enlighten Me. Keep in mind that your driver will not want to impose on your time and attention by engaging in lengthy conversations (unless you are the one who wants to chat).

Your driver will expect to open the door for you, so allow him or her to take care of this small courtesy. The only exception is if you are leaving a building with a doorman who will open and close doors for you.

You’ve seen this familiar scene at crowded airports: A friendly chauffeur is standing near the gate, holding up a sign with the name of the passenger. Just walk right up to the chauffeur and confirm you are the person to be picked up. Let your chauffeur scoop up your bags, as this is part of the job.

While it might be tempting to celebrate with abandon in the back of a limo, make sure that you and your guests behave appropriately. Don’t ask your chauffeur to drive faster than the local speed limit, for example, or to do anything else illegal or unethical.

When it comes to last-minute changes, tell your chauffeur about extra stops that were not included in the original itinerary before you take off. The driver may need to make adjustments, such as taking a different freeway than what was initially planned.

The staff at Pontarelli hopes that these etiquette tips will give you some added insight into the relationship between chauffeurs and the passengers they are entrusted to bring to their destinations safely and on time. We are devoted to providing the highest level of customer service and make it a priority to treat each passenger with courtesy and respect.

Posted on May 20 2015