Why You Should Encourage Creative Thinking at Work

You might not work in the creative industries, but that doesn’t mean you and your team can’t bring creative thinking to your roles. Rather than artistic ‘flair’, creative thinking in business is really about approaching your work in new and innovative ways. If you are unsure about whether you should start implementing a creative approach in your own workplace, read on for our take on why you should get started right now.

  • To help you break out of old habits

Many business problems stem from traditional processes and company culture that haven’t been challenged by a fresh way of thinking. That’s where creative ideas have the power to examine and transform a stale system that has become habitual. Ask staff to address certain aspects of the business in any way they think it could be improved and see what they come up with - creative questioning of the established norms can yield fantastic results that would have been difficult to visualize previously.

  • Solve problems

A problematic ‘sticking point’ in business can be highly disruptive, and it can be extremely difficult to see how to navigate beyond it in order to continue to move forward, as you should. By approaching the problem creatively, unrestricted by previous ‘by-the-book’ attempts that have ultimately proved ineffective, you will allow the possibility for a true solution to be reached. Always be innovative and experimental in your approach to problem solving!

  • Encourage better team working

By allowing fresh ideas and diverse voices to shine you will create a more collaborative team-working environment. Open up the process to more junior members of staff or those with a range of different skills to collaborate with executives and board members in order to jolt them out of existing business practices. Assemble a team with varied skill sets to work on a particular project and give them the freedom to think creatively about their approach – you might be surprised at the quality of the ideas that develop.

  • Promote innovation

Giving people the opportunity to think creatively will help them cast off the routine ‘everyday’ ideas and allow for true innovation to emerge. Staff who may have been afraid to share ideas that could have seemed too ‘off-the-wall’ will have the chance to develop these into feasible business opportunities if creativity is allowed to flourish. Only with innovation and creativity can any business expect to evolve and grow, so this must be encouraged.

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Posted on Feb 13 2018