Dressing for Success While You're On The Go

limo service chicago, chicago limoDo you travel a lot for business meetings? If so, you undoubtedly know how difficult it can be to ensure that you look fantastic when everything you own is crumpled up in a suitcase. The first impression is a powerful thing, and looking like a mess may be very harmful. Here are a few tricks you can use to make sure you look (and feel) fantastic.

Mix and Match With Separates

If you're dressing up for business, you likely have a blazer, a shirt and a slacks or a skirt. Make sure that you pack at least three suits that you can mix and match. Gray, blue and black work; blue, black and brown don't. Being able to mix and match lets you refresh your look every day without having to pack a ton of outfits.

Don't Forget the Garment Bags

Did you get your suit drycleaned? If so, you may want to keep that suit in the garment bag. Garment bags are valuable because they make sure that your suit doesn't wrinkle while in the suitcase. Just fold it up and pack it in. Keep your old garment bags and you can repeat this trick every time you need to!

Pack Your Suitcase Tightly

When you pack your suitcase loosely, all of the items inside of it end up floating around. You will end up with wrinkles in everything you own. Instead, make sure that you fill up every bit of space -- after all, you will be carrying the same sized suitcase with you regardless.

Get a Travel Suit

If you really just can't seem to get the hang of packing for travel, you may want to invest in a no-wrinkle travel suit. A travel suit will often be made of a thicker, more resistant material; it may not be stylish or comfy, but it will always be neat.

Don't forget your laundry service! If you open up your suitcase and realize that it's a complete mess, you can often get your items laundered at the hotel before it becomes an issue.

Posted on Aug 08 2014