The Dos and Don'ts of Throwing a Company Holiday Party

With the holiday season knocking on the door, it is the opportune time for companies to have parties to build on teamwork, encourage and congratulate employees. However, throwing a company holiday party is not the same as throwing a family and friends party. There are far greater considerations to be made and as such, the planning could end up being a nightmare. To avoid it all being a disaster, here are the do's and don’ts that you should pay attention to.

Don't assume everyone likes a certain type of beverage

When it comes to the selection of drinks, you have to make sure that there are different types to cater for everyone's individual needs. It is difficult to predict everyone's interests and match up to them. However, you can try meeting everyone halfway by providing as many types of drinks as possible.

Choose the proper venue

Often times, the venue could make or break the party. When it comes to a company holiday party, you should look for something stylish, comfortable, spacious and professional. It may be a party but it should maintain a certain level of professional etiquette. The venue should also have ample parking space for the guests.

Don't forget to set an alcohol limit

Everyone has a different level of tolerance to alcohol. However, to avoid making the party rowdy, you should always set an alcohol limit. This will ensure that the guests maintain an acceptable amount of sobriety and professionalism.

Provide transport for the guests

Transport should be provided to and from the event. Once people get drunk, it would be unwise to send them off to make their own way home or in a cab service. The cab service might turn out to be too expensive overall and you cannot always be assured of the professionalism and confidentiality. Your best option therefore is a corporate transport company that will provide transportation to and most especially from the party. A professional transportation service eases up a lot of the planning stress involved in looking for comfortable, professional and reliable transport for the guests.

Don't chaperone the party

Much as it might be an event with a formal incline to it, and you are given the responsibility of planning and running it, you should not become the chaperone at the party. You should remember that all the guests are professional adults who have experience in such events. Therefore, avoid the desire to control every little aspect of the party. You should get to enjoy yourself as much as everyone else.

Posted on Dec 14 2016