The Difference Between a “Driver” and “Chauffeur”

While it might seem as if a driver and chauffeur are the same, the two actually serve very different purposes and offer unique levels of expertise. This is why a Chicago limousine company wants clients to know the difference between the two. That way, the client knows what caliber of service to expect, and also the right questions to ask when hiring a limousine service in Chicago.


Simple Explanation


A driver is often a good choice when you needreliable, quick, and safe transportation. Depending on the company, the driver may or may not wear a uniform. After dropping off the customer, the driver’s work is complete.


In comparison, a chauffeur is a highly trained and licensed professional who provides high-end service day and night. A chauffeur wears a professional uniform, drives luxury vehicles, and works according to a schedule or on an on-call basis. A chauffeur completes extensive training, has years of experience driving limos in Chicago, provides assistance with loading and unloading luggage, and has an incredible knowledge of the city for answering passenger questions and making recommendations for local points of interest.


Difference in Type and Caliber of Service


To better understand the difference between a driver and chauffeur, consider the following:


  • Art of the Service—When going from point A to point B, many people hire a driver. As stated, a driver picks up a passenger and then drops that person off at the requested destination. However, to get from point A to point B while avoiding congested traffic, road construction, or accidents, as well as having an enjoyable, convenient, and safe ride, you want to hire a chauffeur.

  • Amenities—By using a driver, you have to wait until reaching your destination to charge a phone, get Internet connection, and so on. When riding in the back of a Chicago limousine, you have free Wi-Fi for fast internet connection, dual air-conditioning, USB ports for charging mobile devices, and more. In fact, you can request other things as needed, including cold beverages.

  • Depth of Knowledge—Although a well-trained driver might be able to provide information on some of the city’s more prominent attractions, a chauffeur knows the city’s heart and soul. Therefore, a chauffeur from a Chicago limo company can tell you about the city’s history and culture and also recommend meeting venues, local parks, the best restaurants, rooftop bars, museums and art galleries, and much more.


Benefits of a Chicago Limousine Service

Although there is nothing wrong with using a qualified driver, if you want the full transportation experience or have a special event involving important clients, you definitely need to hire a limo service in Chicago.

Posted on Mar 08 2016