Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving

chicago limousineCreating the perfect Thanksgiving—an event that everyone will remember for years to come—requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. However, as everyone sits around the dinner table to an incredible feast, you realize it was all worth it. If you have guests coming in from out of town, you might consider hiring a reputable Chicago limo for transportation. That way, you can focus on creating a memorable occasion while Chicago limousine chauffeurs focus on getting people to their respective hotels.


Making Memories


  • Good Planning—One of the most important things you can do is create a plan well in advance. By doing so, you avoid a tremendous amount of undue stress. As part of this, you want to plan your meal, which includes purchasing food items, days or even weeks prior. You can also decide on decorations, reserve hotel rooms, and hire Chicago limos, all without stressing.

  • Go All out on the Menu—Although you can stick with a more traditional Thanksgiving menu, if you are going to do something extra special this year like hiring Chicago limousine chauffeurs for incoming guests, use gourmet recipes. The great thing is that you do not have to be a gourmet chef to cook like one. Look for recipes online and on mobile applications—those with easy-to-follow directions.


  • Cook Over Several Days—Rather than cooking everyone on the same day, choose a number of menu items that you can make a day or two ahead of the Thanksgiving meal. For example, you can make pecan and pumpkin pies, gravies, soups, dips, and spreads several days in advance.


  • Remember the Ambience—In addition to treating guests with Chicago limos and serving a delicious Thanksgiving meal, remember to create holiday ambience. For this, you can never go wrong with having a fire roaring in the fireplace and scented candles on the table.


  • Decorating the Table—The table decorations play an important role in hosting a formal Thanksgiving dinner as well. For this, you can purchase items from local stores, or if time permits, come up with some of your own creations. Something as simple as a holiday runner on the table, complemented with colored gourds and flickering candles, works great.


  • Utilize Technology—To stay on schedule for all the things you need to get done, take advantage of technology. For instance, the KitchenPad Timer is an incredible application. Because this app has multiple timers that run simultaneously, you can keep track of guests arriving via Chicago limousine companies and food in the oven.

Thanksgiving at Its Finest


Considering all the work you have planned, there is no question that your Thanksgiving gathering will be spectacular. At the end of the day, you have Chicago limousine chauffeurs scheduled to pick guests up at the airport, dinner ready to go on the table, and everyone there for the opportunity to make new memories.

Posted on Nov 24 2015