Corporate Travel Tips: 5 Tips to Be a Good Manager

chicago limo serviceIn addition to working on complex projects and meeting tight timelines and budgets, as a manager, you are required to work with a mix of personalities. With a little help, you can be a great manager, someone who people look up to and aspire to be like.

Being a Great Manager

Remember, leadership is an essential attribute of an effective manager but can be the biggest shortcoming. Even if you have been with the company a long time and are considered a good manager, without strong leadership, you, as well as your team, will struggle, if not fail.

  1. Room to Learn – Even at the top, there are always things to learn. If you close off, thinking that you know everything about the job, you miss a huge opportunity to become a better manager. Being willing to learn will broaden your abilities and be a positive example for your team.

  1. Clear Communication – Just as you cannot read the minds of other people, your team cannot read your mind. Therefore, you have to be perfectly clear when communicating. In addition, it is important to keep your team up-to-date on goals, deadlines, and other critical aspects of the job. Strong communication will establish your credibility and help you gain better support from the team.

  1. Lead by Example – To be a good manager, you always have to lead by example. If you expect your team to deliver on time, then you have to do the same. If you expect the team to respect one another and communicate clearly, that is exactly what you have to do first. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, so if you fall short on something, be honest, make the necessary change, and move on.

  1. Positive Reinforcement – People, regardless of title or age, need positive feedback. Along with pointing out areas that need improvement, make sure that you provide the people you manage positive feedback and reinforcement. In turn, your team will be dedicated to you and work harder to please.

  1. Decisiveness – Making frequent changes causes confusion, irritation, and even resentment among your team. As a strong manager, you need to make solid decisions and then stay with them. That does not mean that things cannot be changed or tweaked, but, in general, you should put a good plan together and then follow it all the way through.

Saving Time and Money with Transportation

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Posted on Sep 23 2015