Comparing TSA Pre-check with Global Entry and Nexus Programs

Whether you are a frequent business traveler yourself or are tasked with making travel arrangements for people in your company who must fly on a regular basis, one of the highest priorities you face is saving time with the Transportation Security Administration lines.

Fortunately, the TSA has implemented some programs to speed things up for those who travel frequently. If you are considering enrollment in one of the programs, here are some details on Global Entry, Nexus and TSA Pre-Check, according to a recent post at Travel Pulse.

Global Entry

limo service chicago, chicago limo serviceThis program is open for U.S citizens who have a passport. There is a $100 charge for five years of membership. The idea behind Global Entry is to speed up the movement of passengers through customs. After you apply online, you’ll have to set up an appointment at one of the centers in the U.S. for an in-person interview.

Once admitted, you can bypass the U.S. Customs and Border Protection lines because the government will have identified you as a low-risk traveler with pre-approved status.


You do not need a passport to join Nexus. A Canadian version of Global Entry, Nexus costs $50 for a five-year membership. It’s designed to facilitate travel between the U.S. and Canada.

As with Global Entry, you’ll enroll online and then will need to come in for a personal interview at one of the enrollment centers. There, you will be fingerprinted and your ID will be verified as well.

TSA Pre-Check

U.S citizens and lawful permanent residents can apply for TSA Pre-Check, which charges $85 for a membership period of five years. You’ll need to apply for this program online, and then you must come in to show your ID and get fingerprinted.

Designed for frequent fliers and people who often fly for business, this program will let you go through a separate security line where you can keep your laptop in your carryon bag. What’s more, you won’t have to remove your belt and shoes just to get on the plane.

Dealing with added inspections and other security measures is just a part of modern travel that we will have to take into account when making our plans. Anyone who needs to fly on a regular basis will want to consider applying for one of the TSA programs to help speed things along.

Posted on Mar 25 2015