On Chicago Grounds: Best Places for Locally Roasted Coffee

4 Places to Drink aLocally Roasted Coffee

Let’s be honest; nothing boosts your energy in the morning, or during a work break, better than a well-roasted coffee. Chicago is the home of many coffee roasters, and it is worldwide known for the culture built around coffee, this amazing liquor that helps you concentrate and gives you the energy you need in the morning, or in the afternoon.

Coffee is known for its health benefits if consumed properly.

So, if you want to enjoy a well-roasted coffee, like the ones grandma prepared, here are the best places to be if you want more than just a buzz:

Dark Matter Coffee

Its name says everything about this place, and it is one of Chicago’s best coffee roasters. If you want to enjoy a cup of strong, dark coffee, here is the place to be. The amazing thing about Dark Matter Coffee it is that it has a direct partnership with big coffee farmers from Mexico and Guatemala. You can taste the passion for coffee in a cup of Unicorn Blood – a blend of creamy peanut butter, walnut and milk chocolate that will wake up all of your senses.

Dark Matter Coffee is a great place to organize even a business meeting, as the Lakeview location offers a relaxed, fancy atmosphere.


Intelligentsia is a true legend, known as one of the biggest roasting companies in the US. It was founded in 1995 by Doug Zell and Emily Mange and now there six coffee bars in the Windy City, and much more in Canada and US. Intelligentsia team travels the entire world searching for the best coffee. Each coffee has its own story, and it is crafted from the best beans.

Persephone, a true liquor of the gods, is inspired by the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. It is a great seasonal coffee, with a complex taste that “celebrates” spring.

Of course, you can have a reinvented classic – with a Black Cat Espresso, a strong, sweet and chocolaty espresso.

Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Super friendly staff, lovely drinks, and a hipstery atmosphere and, of course, great roasted coffee! This is a perfect place for a reunion with your friends or loved ones. Along with fresh, roasted green coffee beans, the Gaslight Coffee Roasters run a full kitchen where creative chefs prepare excellent dishes from local, organic ingredients.

Bow Truss

Here, at Bow Truss, not only the coffee is fantastic, but also the atmosphere. Enjoy a cup of coffee in a vintage atmosphere completed by a sound of old soul. The single-origin blends change according to the season, so you will always find something amazing to try. If you want to drink something fancy, try the Canopy, a full-bodied coffee, with notes of dark chocolate, cherry, and peach.

There are so many places where you can start your morning with an amazing roasted coffee. All you have to do is ask your chauffeur to stop on your way to your meeting or to work so you can get a coffee. Boost your energy with a flavored coffee and catch up with the news in the back of your Chicago Limo.

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Posted on Aug 02 2016