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3 Tips for Avoiding Scams When Dealing With Travel Agents

Posted on Jan 7th 2015 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

Travel agencies are a fantastic way to get a deal on a trip, but as recent news has shown, you can't trust all travel agencies. Before you book your next flight, hotel or vacation package, there are a few things that you might want to do to verify that everything is on the...

Travel Hacks for the Constant Business Traveler

Posted on Dec 12th 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

Are you constantly looking to improve your business travel experience? Here are a few interesting little business travel hacks that can save you time and money while on the road or in the plane. Use Your Mileage and Reward Programs If you travel a lot, always using the same airline...

Tips for Adjusting Your Schedule Following a Major Travel Delay

Posted on Nov 20th 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

As the holidays near, travel delays will become more commonplace -- and it's very important for you to have a contingency plan in place, especially if you're running on a tight schedule. Regardless of whether you're at the airport waiting for a plane or stuck in traffic approaching the...

4 Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider a Travel Agent for Flights and Hotels

Posted on Oct 24th 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

Travel agents are considered a thing of the past, and this may well be true for personal travel -- but what about for business arrangements? It can still be advantageous to use travel agents to plan your business trips -- though they're usually only useful for flights and hotels, rather...

Current Trends That Are Making Business Travel More Dangerous

Posted on Oct 10th 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

More than any other industry, the travel industry changes quickly -- and business travelers may be the ones who bear the consequences. There are a few so-called travel industry disruptions that are actively making travel more dangerous and those who are interested in keeping themselves...

International Business: Places to Avoid From Now Until 2015

Posted on Oct 3rd 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

Do you travel a lot for business internationally? If so, you're undoubtedly aware that there have been both health issues and labor issues abroad that have complicated international travel. There are some areas that you simply should not travel to and other areas where you need to be...

iOS 8 Features Perfect for Business

Posted on Sep 22nd 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

The iOS 8 update has come amidst some controversy, but there are some things that business users will need to know -- both good and bad. Whether you have the newest iPhone or not, the iOS 8 update is still going to be relevant because it supports everything from the iPhone 4S on. iOS 8...

How to Use Body Language to Your Benefit During Business Meetings

Posted on Sep 4th 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

Are you uncertain about your effectiveness during business meetings? There are some simple tricks that you can use to ensure that your body language remains just as effective as your words and your presentation. Body language techniques can be used throughout your career to create an air...

Dressing for Success While You're On The Go

Posted on Aug 8th 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

Do you travel a lot for business meetings? If so, you undoubtedly know how difficult it can be to ensure that you look fantastic when everything you own is crumpled up in a suitcase. The first impression is a powerful thing, and looking like a mess may be very harmful. Here are a few...

Tipping, Haggling and Bribing: How to Get Used to Alternative Money Traditions When Traveling

Posted on Jul 31st 2014 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service

If you're going to be traveling internationally on business, you're going to need to learn a thing or two about tipping, haggling and bribing. While your culture may not do some or any of these things, it is commonplace in many other cultures and not doing it could actually be harmful....
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