How to Bring Your Family on a Business Trip

5 Tips for Taking Your Family on a Work Trip

Are you thinking to bring your family on your next business trip? If your answer is yes, follow these tips to make the most out of your hybrid trip. You can successfully mix business with pleasure.

  1. Plan carefully

If you are on the rush when planning your business trip, it’s ok, but when bringing your family with you, it is not a good idea. You need more time to prepare, especially if you bring kids with you. It is important to discuss with your loved ones and set expectations and goals for your trip. This will help you organize your business meetings efficiently so you can spend the rest of the time having fun with your family – visiting, shopping, relaxing.

  1. Choose the right hotel

When traveling with kids on a business trip, it might be difficult to work in your hotel room when the only thing the little ones want to do is playing. Choosing a business but at the same time a family-friendly hotel is critical.

Make it fun for the little ones and make sure the hotel offers many activities the kids can enjoy, for example, a pool or a dedicated playing space, but at the same time, it offers a business lounge with Wi-Fi connection where you can work.

Establish from the very beginning a plan for your little ones while you work, and make sure you will also get enough sleep as you need to have a clear mind at your next business meetings.

Try to choose an apartment, family and work friendly, where your loved ones can relax while you are working in a separate room.

  1. Add a couple of days

If you can do it, try to stay a little bit longer than the initial business trip and dedicate all your time to your family. You will certainly make the trip more special. You can find many activities in the area so make sure you’ll have fun and make some unforgettable memories. This is what truly turns a business trip into a fantastic family vacation.

  1. Pack for emergencies

Packing an emergency bag is always a good idea when traveling with your family, especially with the kids. Make sure your emergency kit contains some games to keep the little ones occupied during the flight or in the airport, pack some healthy snacks, some clothes and pills.

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Posted on Aug 23 2016