The Best and Worst Times to Book Your Holiday Travels

When is the Best Time to Plan your Holiday Trips

The time of the year influences a lot the success of your holiday, from costs to accommodation. There are periods of the year, such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, when the number of travelers increases with 23, up to 54 percent in comparison with the rest of the year.

It is well known that if you plan to travel during a major national holiday, you will have to pay a bigger price compared to other times of the year, starting with the flight’s cost, to accommodation and even ground transportation if you want to rent a car. Regarding ground transportation, we give you a solution – chauffeured transportation, and for other tips, read the lines below.

When to book

Maybe you think that booking month in advance is a solution, but it is not always possible. Some analysis show that tickets are costly on Fridays, and the cheapest day to book seems to be Tuesday. Well. Booking time depends on many factors, and your destination is the most important. So, take into account where are you planning your trip and check the booking agencies constantly.

Booking for National Holidays

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas are two important holidays when many people travel to spend their holidays with their loved ones. It seem like, if you want to book a ticket for those periods, you have to be an early bird to make sure you will find a ticket at a good price.

As revealed, try to avoid as much as possible the day before Thanksgiving Day, and the Sunday after this important holiday, as these days are known as the busiest.

If you want to book for a Christmas trip, you should better book early. Try to book during the weekdays, and avoid Saturdays and Sundays. Of course, if you are looking for the cheapest alternative, book for the Christmas Day to enjoy a comfortable flight. The busiest days are 22nd, 23rd and Christmas Eve.

If you want to travel somewhere for New Year’s Eve, take into account that the cheapest tickets are on the 1st of January. Prices explode for the 2nd of January, not to mention how busy the airports and planes are on this date.


  • If you plan to travel during holidays, check out the blackout dates – no discounts/promotions apply during blackout dates.
  • Book your ground transportation early. Remember that time is very important, so why not spend it with your loved ones during the holidays, instead of wasting it in an unknown or busy city? Book a limousine or, maybe, a mini bus.
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Posted on Oct 25 2016