Best Tips to Prevent Jet Lag from Affecting Your Business Trip

There are those who travel for business only occasionally, and there are those who travel for business regularly. Jet lag doesn’t discriminate, and we know how much business travelers suffer when jet lag is a problem. Even if you’re staying in the same time zone, just the stress of catching flights, sitting idle for so long, and living outside your comfort zone for days at a time is all it takes to cause you to feel jet lag. It makes all of us feel off our game, tired, and unhappy, many of our business clients experiencing jet lag regularly. Chauffeurs for our airport shuttle in Chicago see business traveler after business traveler, and we’ve learned many things from them. Some of what we’ve learned has to do with preventing jet lag from occurring when you’re on the road, and we know it might help you in your future travels.

Don’t Plan for Jet Lag

If you ask any of our corporate customers, they’ll tell you thinking you’ll suffer from jet lag is a guarantee you’ll suffer from jet lag. The best thing you can do is go into a trip assuming you’ll be wide awake and just fine. If you believe you’ll be jet lagged and you psych yourself up for it before you land, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Look forward to your trip, look forward to being productive, and change your train of thought anytime you begin to imagine how tired you will feel prior to landing.

Schedule Time to Catch Up

If you are traveling out of your time zone by even an hour, it’s a good idea to use the first day to catch up on your sleep. We recommend you fly in the evening before a big meeting so you can catch up on sleep in the morning rather than wake up extra early to get to the airport. Make your first night a casual one by having an early dinner and going to bed early. When you have the time to slow down and catch up on your rest while traveling, jet lag is less apparent. If you want to book a limo in Chicago, our professional chauffeurs are happy to do the driving while you rest your eyes in the back seat.


Pack your gym bag, because this is what’s going to help you avoid jet lag while traveling. Exercise helps you sleep better at night, it helps you have more energy throughout the day, and it helps you feel better in general. Don’t think because you’re not at home you get to skip the gym. You’ll thank us for this one.

Jet lag is real, but it’s only a real problem if you don’t take the time to prep yourself for it. Get your rest, do something active during the day, and don’t let it weigh on your mind and stress you out. These tips are simple, but they are some of the most effective we’ve encountered learning from our business clients.

Posted on May 16 2017