Best Foods to Keep You Energized for Work

When Monday morning rolls around, and you have a hectic week of meetings, travel, and tight deadlines stretching ahead of you it’s no wonder you might feel your energy draining before work has even begun. You need healthy food that will release energy slowly to help you tackle your busy schedule, so put down that triple-shot cappuccino and read on for our list of the best foods to keep you energized throughout the day.



Containing super-high levels of protein, eggs are sure to give you a lasting energy boost (contrary to popular belief, more than half of the protein can be found in the egg white alone), along with vitamins B2, D, B6, B12, and minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper. Try eating them poached or scrambled with some whole grain toast for a filling and healthy breakfast.



You might say bananas are nature’s energy bar – they contain high levels of complex carbohydrates to keep you fuller for longer and are famously rich in potassium and many other brain-boosting vitamins and minerals. They are the perfect transportable snack too, so you can quickly grab one for your morning commute if you don’t have time to make a meal. They also blend really well as a smoothie with other energy-boosting fruits or vegetables if you are not a fan of their texture.



This leafy green veg is renowned for its high levels of iron which promote healthy red blood cells and allow a better supply of oxygen to reach your whole body, but did you know that it also contains many other beneficial vitamins such as C, K, B2, and A, as well as minerals such as magnesium. Try wilted with poached eggs in the morning, or mix a few leaves into a salad for lunch to give you an afternoon pick-me-up.



The energy-boosting properties of beans shouldn’t be underestimated – as well as being super low in fat and high in fiber; beans pack a serious punch when it comes to fatigue-fighting levels of iron and magnesium, helping you stay energized all through the day. Try incorporating them into a soup or hearty bean chili for a satisfying fall lunch.



As well as being rich in protein and minerals such as potassium and selenium, salmon is renowned as an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which aid brain function amongst numerous other physical benefits. Add some cooked salmon to your lunchtime salad for an indulgent (and energizing) treat.



You may not realize it but even the humble yogurt has excellent energy-boosting nutritional value. It contains high levels of lactose which the body uses to produce energy, along with protein which slows down the absorption of the lactose and therefore gives you more energy for longer. Easily transportable to eat at your desk or on the go, yogurt is the perfect portable snack.

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Posted on Oct 17 2017