Accommodation Tips for Conference Travels

Conferences can give you a great opportunity to meet others in your industry, network with businesses, and spend time with coworkers but often they are spread across several days and you will need to think quickly about booking accommodation before it’s all snapped up. Below are our top tips for getting the best out of your accommodation booking.


Ask for a group booking or loyalty rate

Of course, this all depends on the scale of your company’s attendance at a conference, but if you have even a small group staying overnight it is still worth asking whether the hotel would offer a group booking rate. Smaller groups may be offered a slightly less significant discount than those booking out 20 or 30 rooms, but of course any saving is worth making if possible. If you travel regularly on this type of business you may also find that your company has a deal with a particular hotel chain so check on this too before going ahead with a booking (or set one up if it doesn’t already exist!)


Check facilities and location carefully

Maybe that one great-looking hotel has been specially recommended by the conference organizer, but before simply booking the first available room you see, take some time to do your research. It may be that this particular hotel offers discounted rates, but it is not necessarily the cheapest or best-located accommodation. If you have a tight budget you may find cheaper options available with a slightly longer walk or car ride to the venue, or you may prefer to be as close to the venue as possible in a hotel that includes full breakfasts, a well-stocked bar for an evening drink, and a swimming pool for a morning dip - it all depends on the priority for you and your business.


Consider other types of accommodation

Depending on your group size and any specific requirements, it may be advantageous to consider other types of accommodation such as Airbnb. You can get great deals on bookings for larger groups that often work out cheaper than individual hotel rooms, and you may also find it a great way to experience local life in a setting that provides a unique experience of the city compared with staying in an identical chain hotel.


Ask for an upgrade

Just because you are traveling for work doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something a little luxury – ask about the possibility for a free upgrade when you book your accommodation. While it may not be feasible for everyone in your party you’ll often find that hotels will be more than willing to do this if you have been coordinating the room bookings, particularly if you have a fairly large group.


Book a car service in advance

Whether you simply need ground transport from the airport to your accommodation or you require daily journeys to and from your hotel to the conference venue, our Chicago car service will be there to get you to where you need to be efficiently and in the utmost comfort. We even offer a range of larger vehicles for groups of up to 14 passengers if you are travelling with coworkers.

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Posted on Nov 07 2017