8 Ways to Stay Healthy in Summer While Traveling

Summer means lots of things, and the majority of them usually revolve around outdoor BBQs, pool parties and relaxing getaways. There’s lots of fun to be had, but you’ll also want to remember that staying under the summer sun for an extended period of time can very well lead to sunburn, dehydration and other heat-related issues. Since summer still has some way to go, you really wouldn’t want to fall sick and miss out on all the opportunities out there. 

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We’ll love to have you on board with us, and we’ve also got some other great methods to help you stay healthy in summer down below: 

Stay Hydrated 

Without a doubt, even if you disregard every other bit of advice, this is the one thing you’ll want to do as often as possible during the summer while traveling. One great way to ensure that your water intake is met is by carrying a water bottle. However, if you’re not a fan of lugging around something bulky, you can use a collapsible water bottle instead. 

At least 64 ounces of water daily (or eight cups) is recommended, and if you’re sweating more, you should increase that amount further. There’s always the risk of dehydration when spending long hours outdoors, so do keep track of your water intake to avoid feeling faint and dizzy.  

Wear Comfortable Clothes 

There really is no reason to wear thick layers and non-breathable material in the summer when the heat is positively scorching. Our clothes play a big role in how we feel (physically and mentally), so do choose light materials and breathable options such as cotton, linen, or others that help to wick sweat from our bodies. 

If you didn’t know this by now, dark colors also absorb more heat, so choose lighter colors to further reduce heat absorption especially when you intend to be under the sun for a longer time. Another thing to take note of is that looser-fitting clothes will make it easier for you to breathe and also allows heat to escape a lot more easily. 

Wear Sunscreen When Going Outside 

When you’re out enjoying yourself, it’s easy to forget when your last application of sunscreen was. Even if the sunscreen does guarantee a number of hours of protection from the sun, most people don’t realize that sweating and getting into the water means you’ll need to reapply more frequently. In order to make the most of summer outdoors, do remember to apply enough sunscreen. 

Boost Your Body’s Energy 

Rather than scoffing at the idea of adding some Vitamin C to your daily intake, it’ll be a good idea to boost your immune system before something happens to compromise our health. This is especially true when you’re visiting a crowded place or trapped in an enclosed space with tons of other people who may or may not be well in the first place. 

For berry fans out there, summer is also a great time to load up on plenty of antioxidants which help prevent damage to tissues. Just imagine indulging in an ice-cold berry smoothie. Of course, there are other fruit and vegetable options that make for great juices and smoothies as well, so just explore them all.  

Eat Clean 

What’s summer without at least one BBQ, right? We’re all for some delicious meat treats on the grill, but if staying healthy on the go is your priority, you can always choose to widen your palette to include some healthier ingredients. For starters, you can replace the traditional BBQ sauce with something more wholesome, or you can always choose to BBQ without sauces at all. 

Lessening the number of fatty meats and opting to discard processed foods will also make all the difference. For a more balanced meal, you should also include grilled fruit and vegetable options such as corn, eggplants, bananas, pears and so on. 

Never Skip Breakfast 

Don’t forget this important meal in order to start your day right when traveling. Not only does it give you an energy boost to zipping through the day, but it’s also one of the best ways to avoid feeling faint or exhausted when we’re busy outdoors under the sun for a long duration. 

Since it’s the first meal of the day, you shouldn’t load your body with unhealthy sugars or fats. Instead, find an option with just the right amount of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. If you’re not into eating meat for breakfast, there’s also oats and filling fruit juice options.


Going somewhere (be it for work or leisure) doesn’t mean exercise should take a backseat. It’s good to set aside some time every week to exercise regularly, but more importantly, we need to remember that exercising correctly is even more crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy body.

One of the best ways to stay fit in summer is by including more water-related exercises such as swimming. You should also avoid exercising outdoors when the sun is at its hottest (afternoon) and implement some precooling techniques such as draping a cool towel around your neck and drinking a cool slushie. 

Drink Responsibly

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with drinking during the summer, but you should know that consuming alcohol in hot summer temperatures actually deplete our water stores and worsens dehydration. Moderation is key to enjoying yourself, and if you know you’re a light drinker, you should also sip on water in between drinks too.

In fact, you might want to skip out on hard alcohol and indulge in light alcoholic beverages instead while traveling. Great summer options include a vodka seltzer, beer, a glass of red wine, and other fun cocktail mixes.   

Posted on Jul 10 2019