6 Chicago Restaurants to try this fall

6 Restaurants to Try this Fall

A great restaurant is a perfect ingredient you need to complete your experience in Chicago. The amazing thing is that, in a city as big as the Windy City, new restaurants are the norm so why not break the routine try new tastes this fall?

Whether you are looking for a new exotic taste, or you are eager to discover a new place in town, here are some new, great restaurants ready to satisfy your curiosity and, of course, your appetite.


Dixie is a southern-inspired restaurant, and you will notice this from the front-door entrance as a sign will tell you that “In the South, we enter through the side” Sweet corn is the main ingredient of this southern-inspired restaurant. The southern cuisine is taken to another dimension – small, shareable plates, delicious cocktails, a lot of fun – the perfect recipe for a night out with your friends.

Blue Door Kitchen & Garden

This is the place where the rustic perfectly combines with the contemporary, both in your plate and in the surroundings. Here, the menu is dictated by the seasons so expect a lot of creative dishes that bring people together over delicious food, as Chef Art Smith personally says. He uses fresh, organic ingredients, which makes the delicious food taste even better.


Honey’s is a gorgeous restaurant, where the fresh, Mediterranean taste meets the traditional American cuisine. The restaurant is located in the West Loop and offers its guests a comfortable, relaxed, yet cheerful atmosphere, as Honey’s is not blocked by tall buildings, so you can enjoy the sunshine all day long. This is the place to be if you want to organize a business meeting, as the restaurant offers a variety of dining experiences. Pair your meal with a glass of fine wine.


Contrary to its name, Giant is a small, intimate restaurant, sitting only 44 persons. But not space is important here, but the taste. Each plate is simple and unique. Pasta is the star, sortallini being everybody’s favorite. If you love desserts, then try the cajeta ice cream, covered in crunchy pecan butter and served with goat milk caramel and freeze dried strawberries. Season your meal with a craft cocktail, and enjoy the funky atmosphere.

Leña Brava

Leña Brava is the latest member of Rick Bayless’s family. A new culinary experience is always a good way to enjoy life, you know, small things matter. The concept of this restaurant evolves around ice and fire, and it is inspired by the Mexican cuisine. In this concept, ice means raw and cold dishes, such and ceviches or aguachiles, that pair best with salads. Fire is represented by hot salsa, but also by smoked or cooked over seven wood fires dishes, so if you want to taste the fire, give a try to the braised short with Oaxacan pasilla salsa. No matter what you choose, your culinary adventure will be complete by a crafted cocktail.

Pleasant House Pub

From the Pleasant House Bakery, Chicago’s Royal pie baker takes the culinary experience to another level with this amazing pub. It is a perfect restaurant for a business meal, as during the day you can enjoy a delicious pie and a flavored cup of coffee, and during the evening you can serve a full dinner. All in all, this is the perfect restaurant where you can eat, drink, work, hang around and have fun with your friends. If you come here, try the stake-and-ale pie, and you will never regret. Choose the seasonal fruit trifle as a desert and season it with a cocktail or a glass of wine.

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Posted on Sep 13 2016