5 Wedding Limo Service Tips You Need to Know

Are you getting ready to tie the knot? If that is the case, you are probably overwhelmed with planning for the big day. There are so many things to think about that having to drive yourself to the ceremony just won’t cut it. Booking a professional wedding limo is the best way to make sure that logistics are not something for you to worry about. That’s not all. A wedding limo will also look amazing as a photo backdrop. Today we will share 5 wedding limo service tips everyone needs to know.

#1 Time is of The Essence

The most common mistake we see happening with people who want to book transportation for their wedding day is waiting until the last minute to hire this service. It’s always better to make your wedding limo reservation ahead of time so that the ground transportation company has enough time to create the best transportation plan according to your needs and requests. Another important reason to book wedding limo service ahead of time is to make sure you can find vehicles available on your wedding day.

#2 Room for the Photographer and Videographer

You will most likely have a photographer and videographer follow you everywhere on your big day. Therefore, you should make sure that the vehicle you book has enough room for them as well. Chances are that the photographer and videographer will not be coming with their own cars, and they expect you to provide them with transportation. Bringing them in the same vehicle with you will give them more opportunities to snap memorable photos, and you will also avoid spending extra money on booking a vehicle just for them.

#3 Create a Detailed Transportation Plan

Will you be headed from your home directly to the ceremony? Or will you be making some stops on the way to take wedding photos? This information is vital when booking a wedding limo service. You should inform the transportation company of all the places you want to stop on the way to the ceremony and back. This way, the company can create a tailor-made transportation plan, and there will be no surprise stops on the way.

#4 Consider Booking a Stretch Limo

What better time to book a luxurious stretch limo than your wedding day? You and your significant other will get to ride in style while a professional chauffeur takes care of everything else. However, riding in style is not the only reason why you should consider a limousine. This type of vehicle is spacious enough for the entire crew (photographers and videographers included), and it will look amazing as the backdrop for your wedding photos.

#5 Select the VIPs

Unless you are planning to charter a wedding bus, you will probably not be able to book professional transportation for all your wedding guests. Therefore, you should create a list of the VIPs you want to bring alongside you on the wedding limo. The list usually includes the best man, siblings, and parents.

Posted on Jul 27 2022