5 Ways to Stay in Shape on the Road

stay in shapeWhen you’re away on business, staying in shape can be challenging. However, by making good decisions, you will feel more rested, have increased energy, maintain a healthy weight, and be more alert during meetings.


Even without a nearby gym, you can still get in a great workout. Simply hire a Chicago limousine company, and in no time you will be at incredible hiking trails, parks, the beach, or a top-rated fitness facility. With a Chicago limo service, you can reach any preferred destination.


Tips for Staying in Shape


  1. Walking—While you’re on a business trip, walking is always an option. All you need is a good pair of tennis shoes and 30 minutes of time. In addition to being an excellent form of exercise that anyone can do, walking gives you the chance to meander through the streets of Chicago, seeing popular tourist sites, restaurants, quaint boutique shops, art galleries and museums, historic areas, and more.


  1. Biking—Bike riding is another great way to stay in shape. Using a Chicago limousine service, you can visit a local store that rents different types of bikes. Your chauffeur will even provide assistance in getting the bike loaded and unloaded. Biking is a fun activity that burns calories and tones the body.


  1. Consider Local Options—Consider unique opportunities specific to Chicago. By conducting research, you will discover many unique options for staying in shape, such as zip lining, hiking, rock climbing, or going to the beach for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and more.

  1. Drinking Water—Becoming dehydrated when traveling, especially when it involves air transportation, is quite common. To stay in excellent shape, carry bottled water with you wherever you go. Because water hydrates and flushes toxins from the body, you will feel better, and as a bonus, enjoy more beautiful skin.


  1. Healthy Menu Options—Dining out is often part of business travel. A few simple choices will go a long way towardhelping you stay in excellent shape. For example, avoid extras like sour cream, butter, cheese, and bacon, order grilled vegetables or a nice salad instead of potatoes, and in place of red meat, lamb, or pork, order grilled or baked lean proteins like fresh seafood and chicken.


Hiring a Professional Chauffeur

There are many benefits associated with hiring a Chicago limousine service. After being picked up from the airport, and while being driven from one meeting to another, you have time to conduct business. However, with a Chicago limo you also have the opportunity to enjoy tourist sites, go out to dinner, and reach local areas for workouts.

Posted on Jan 26 2016