5 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Trip and How to Stop

Even though you enjoy new experiences, do you sometimes feel like the whole traveling process is a headache? Crowded cities, hooting vehicles, public transportation, airport security, baggage claim. However, from our experience, traveling doesn’t always have to feel like such a nightmare.

Here are a few ways you are causing yourself distress while you’re traveling and how to stop:

Not Staying Hydrated and Stimulated

Jet lag is one of the worst aspects of air travel but what most of us don’t know is that it’s actually quite easy to beat. All you have to do is eat right and if you have time, grab a cup of coffee just before the flight to keep you stimulated. And even though this implies that you’ll be taking a few more trips than usual to the bathroom, stay hydrated through the course of the flight, and you won’t have to feel so exhausted later.

Skipping Exercise

It’s a well-known fact that physical exercise releases endorphins in our brains to give you a good feeling. You don’t have to have a full gym session (but if you have time why not), exercise during a trip can also mean 30 minutes of yoga or a jog around the neighborhood. This will help reduce your pre-trip nerves, calm your mind, and psychologically position you to handle the stresses of traveling.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

It doesn’t seem too important but depending on the shoes you choose to travel in, your trip can either feel like a walk in the park or purgatory. Traveling is tough enough as it is, you don’t want to have your feet killing you, too. Ladies should consider some comfortable flats and reserve the heels for the post-trip. Gentleman should forgo the formal shoes and wear some comfortable sneakers just until the trip is over.

Leaving Baggage Unmarked

This is perhaps the worst part of air travel. When you have just come from a flight, the last thing you’re in the mood for is standing around with a bunch of people blankly staring at each other’s bags. Identify your bag faster by tying a bright ribbon around a handle where it’s easily visible and get yourself out of that situation a.s.a.p.

Trying to Navigate a New Town on your Own

Navigating a new town or a new city on your own is no easy task; it’s enough to drive even the most patient person absolutely insane. So get a professional to help you navigate the city. Our car service in Chicago has at your disposal, professionally trained chauffeurs who know every inch of the city and will therefore provide you with the quickest route your destination.

This will save you the headache of navigating the city on your own, ensuring your travel experience is one of comfort and no stress.

Posted on Aug 22 2017