5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on an Airplane

The world might be approaching eight billion people, but it seems to be getting smaller every year. If you are a self made entrepreneur, you have likely figured this out already. Your business takes you all over the globe and back again in rapid fire fashion, to the point that you might feel like you have several lives out there all combining to define who you are as an entrepreneur. That being said, all of those plane trips back and forth can amount to a lot of wasted time if you do not do some planning. Make use of your time while traveling by considering these five ways that entrepreneurs can stay productive while sitting on an airplane.


Know What Your Flight Schedule Is

No matter if you planned your itinerary or an assistant did, you need take some time to review exactly what you will be up to while in transit. This will help you know how much time you have to work on items that you might otherwise never get done. Plan how you will get to the airport as well. One way to maximize your time is to use a Chicago limo service in order to use those few minutes of transit to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before you take off.


Prioritize Key Business Tasks and Objectives

Another reason to use airport transportation in Chicago is to use that quiet time to reflect on your current business situation. Decide what really needs to be done while you are on a plane that will enable you to use your time to its max. Remember that nobody will be calling you, and there are no emails to answer. This is a great way to carve out a few hours to get some quality work done if you have adequately planned for it.


Catch Up On Some Quality Reading

If you are like most entrepreneurs, much of your time on the ground is spent meeting with clients and running the business. You might find that you run out of time to read some trade journals or catch up on the latest industry news. A plane is a great place to do just that, so be sure to pack a few periodicals and books you have been hoping to catch up on.


Take Some Time Out To Just Reflect

Being on a plane is a great way to enjoy some quality ‘me’ time. Don’t just work the entire time, as that will waste a precious opportunity. Take some time out during the flight to just put your head back and reflect on your business and life in general. Do some forward thinking, evaluate where you are and where you are heading.


View An Educational or Documentary Video

Similar to reading a book, watching a video on a plane can be a great use of your time. Choose a documentary in order to learn something new and to broaden your horizons.

Traveling on a plane does not have to be a waste of time. These 5 tips can go a long way towards making the experience a productive and profitable one in the end. Enjoy the journey and maximize your time.

Posted on Feb 07 2017