5 Travel Fees and Charges You Really Don't Need to Pay

Many of the fees associated with travel are purely negotiable. Don't get nickel-and-dimed on your next trip; make sure that you question all of the costs you're presented with. Additional fees can quickly turn a hot deal into a budget breaker.

1. Boarding Pass Fees. Yes, believe it or not many discount airlines are now asking you for a fee simply to print your boarding passes. How can you avoid this? Make sure to print your boarding passes in advance at home before you leave. You can usually print your passes within 24 hours of your flight.

2. Headphones. On long flights, you'll often be charged for headphones to view the in-flight entertainment. Any headphones will work in the plane; make sure to pack a pair.

3. Foreign Credit Card Fees. When traveling abroad, some banks and credit cards will charge you a fee to complete foreign transactions. This fee will be assessed every single time you make a purchase. Not all financial institutions do this, however. Check with each of your finance companies and only use cards that will not assess you this charge; it can add up!

4. Wi-Fi Fees. Many hotels may charge for wi-fi, but there are also many free alternatives. Before paying for hotel wi-fi, try the following: the hotel's guest network, nearby business centers and coffee shops. It may also be less expensive to ask your cell phone provider to enable wi-fi tethering on your phone than to pay for your hotel's wi-fi connection.

5. Insurance for Rental Cars. Having insurance is undoubtedly important, but the reason you shouldn't pick up insurance for your rental car is because it's very likely that you're already covered. Call your auto insurance company and even your credit card companies to verify that you don't have rental insurance before you spring for an additional policy.

Question any of the fees and charges you encounter during your next trip. You may be surprised to discover what you are able to avoid. You should also carefully check your bills before you leave, as there may be mistakes that you don't catch while rushing to your next destination.

Posted on Jul 02 2014