5 Transportation Tips to Improve Your Next Group Trip

When you take a trip with a large group, there are different things to consider than when you are traveling alone or with your family. When it is just you or you and your family, you have more control than when you are in a large, possibly unrelated group of people. With a group, you can still have some input into decisions like where to eat and where to go, but you may be relying on others for transportation details and concerns.


It is important to prepare for the possibility of getting separated from the group or being unaware of a sudden change in plans. Planning on these types of contingencies can help you have a safe and memorable trip. Traveling with an experienced Chicago group transportation service is the first step in ensuring a successful journey, but it is still a good idea to plan for unexpected events.


Wear a small backpack

The main thing you need for any trip is a small backpack. This is an essential item that will hold all your essential belongings such as drink bottles, snacks, information and any other small necessities you may need.


Have a printable itinerary

If there is not an official itinerary, write and print out an itinerary of each day's schedule. This will help keep you on time for each stop on the trip and will also be helpful if you become separated from the group at any one spot. If possible, make sure all the members of the group have one.


Carry a mobile phone

Having a mobile phone is a good idea for purposes of communication among the group and for safety reasons. If you become separated or if an emergency occurs, a phone can be invaluable.


Contact information

Before starting out on the trip, make sure you collect contact information from the group leaders if there are any and from others if possible. Give out your contact information to the group too. Writing down the local contact information for the places you will be visiting is also helpful.


Decide on a meeting place

Having a designated meeting place is essential. Decide before setting out each day where and what times of day everyone will meet. This not only helps in keeping people on schedule, but it also helps if anyone becomes inadvertently separated from the group during the day.


Taking a trip with a group to visit places that everyone wants to see is always enjoyable. Often these groups are together because they share the same tastes, which means everyone will be excited during the same activities. With proper and careful planning, these trips can be absolutely delightful. We here at Pontarelli provide dependable limo service in Chicago for all types of trips and groups. When you book a trip with us, you will be assured that you will get to all the places you need to go in a comfortable and safe manner. When you do not have to worry about transportation, then you will have time to concentrate on enjoying your trip.

Posted on Jul 10 2018