5 Transportation Ideas for Your Wedding Day

You are planning your wedding day, and you would like to make the transportation to and from the ceremony just as special as the rest of the plans. Your regular vehicle is just that, regular. Since this is a once in a lifetime event, why not make your transportation special, too? Your choice of venue will dictate what transportation choices are possible to some extent. Here are five options to consider when choosing transportation for your wedding day.


Blast from the Past

The horse and buggy ride have an old fashion feeling that will add charm to your vintage wedding. It is a blast from the past! Imagine riding up to the ceremony dressed in your wedding gown in a beautiful buggy pulled by white horses. You are the royalty in the carriage. Then, you get to ride away into the history books with your new spouse.


Up, Up, and Away

A hot air balloon would be an unexpected way to exit your wedding reception. Your guests could watch you lift off into the sky and fly away to your honeymoon. Imagine your second kiss as a married couple up in the clouds, literally! What a great way to start your evening together looking at the breathtaking views without a care in the world. It would be an adventure to remember.


Splish, and Splash

If you are having your wedding nearby a large body of water, consider having a boat ride for your transportation. The boat could be decorated with all the trappings of wedding décor to dress it up festive. A 'just married' sign could trail behind in the waves as the boat rides off with the wedding couple. What a fun and carefree choice a boat ride would be.


In the Clouds

Why not surprise your spouse with a helicopter ride! Imagine the surprised look when the helicopter comes to pick you two up and take you away to the airport for your honeymoon. Imagine your guests' faces too! You could begin your marriage by putting smiles on everyone's face!


Classy Elegance

Anytime is a good time to have a classy Chicago limo ride! The plush luxurious interior, and a professional chauffeur are at your fingertips; that's the way it should be for your wedding. At Limo Service Chicago we will provide a safe, clean, comfortable ride to and from your wedding venue. You can book your wedding limo through our services and receive a stress-free experience. Whether you are going to the airport, or a hotel, a limo is convenient transportation with style and comfort. A limo ride is always a great choice!


Before you know it, your wedding day will be upon you, so now is the time to make the decision about your transportation. It's going to be a special day and choosing the right transportation can enhance the overall experience of your event. It'll make a lasting impression on you, your new spouse, and your guests' memory!

Your wedding is about you and your partner! Pontarelli strives to ensure that your wedding ground transportation is the most luxurious and magical experience possible.

Posted on May 08 2018