5 Tips to Survive Business Travel During Summer

If you travel regularly, you must have noticed the increasing number of travelers. If you have not observed this, you are about to, since according to the airline sector, July and the summer season are expected to the busiest travel periods of the month. Schools have closed, and most families will travel for vacations. What's more, business persons are also expected to move more as they try to attend as many business meetings as possible before August. As such, airports, roads and hotels are expected to have the highest levels of traffic in this summer season as they respond to the high travel demands. So, what are the best tips for navigating this peak season with as little hurdles as possible? Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service recommends the tips below.


Pack Strategically

Our company suggests that you come up with an effective packing strategy. First, ensure that you have packed essential items. This includes underwear, socks, and extra shirts that easily blend, mix or match with each other. Next, ensure that your travel suitcase contains at least one item that would make it easier for you to sleep. We suggest packing a pillow, pajamas, or a blanket. It is also vital to confirm that toiletries such as toothpaste and chargers are in your bag in case you need to use them at the airport, or while onboard.


Fly Early

Limo service Chicago suggests that you book flights that leave early in the morning to avoid the inconvenience of flight delays. We also advise you to avoid taking the last fights since in case they are canceled your entire travel plan would be ruined. If you are using the major hubs, severe weather can easily disrupt the flights. By flying early, you can easily avoid the cascading delays and cancellations of flights.


Use Travel Apps

We suggest that you use travel apps since they will help you to stay organized. Applications keep you updated on the flight alerts, as well as notifications. They also help with details such as the wait times at the security checks and airport m maps that make it easier for you to get to the airport.


Non-Stop Flights

We recommend booking nonstop flights primarily because they reduce the risks of traveling. Although the lower prices of the connecting flights may appear lucrative, the flight delays may ultimately cost you money and time.


Pick the right hotel

We recommend that you avoid the hotels which are located near tourist attractions. Usually, these hotels are the busiest during the summer. Pick hotels that are less busy to ensure that you get to your destination on time.



Summer is expected to be the busiest traveling season with an estimated 246 million travelers expected to book flights between June and August. This translates into longer queues, bigger crowds and more delays at the airport. To get the best out of your summer travel, Chicago limo service has suggested some tips that would be helpful.

Posted on Jul 17 2018