5 Tips for Planning Event Transportation like a Pro

Event transportation can be a cakewalk or a daunting challenge, depending on how well you can plan and who you entrust with the entire responsibility. The transportation challenges depend on some key factors, most notably the total number of attendees or those who need to be provided with prearranged transport and the exact route that needs to be catered to. Our Chicago car service has been the most reliable transportation option for all types of events for many years now. From what we have realized over the years and what our chauffeurs & executives have learned from working closely with our clients, we can offer you these five precious tips for planning event transportation like a pro.


  • Never opt for a single or standard transportation plan when you have diverse needs. If your event is going to be attended by your employees who would collectively leave the office or a predetermined point and then would be dropped off at a chosen address after the event, then you can opt for a blanket strategy. Else, you should always delve into the details of the various requirements. Most events have attendees arriving from different places and hence having only one car or bus will not suffice.


  • Always prioritize the route and then decide everything else. Mapping is a quintessential element in planning event transportation. Let us presume you need two cars and one bus. The two cars can cater to the needs of a few and the bus can attend to group transportation. Ask yourself if opting for two buses would be better and if the routes to be taken by the two cars can be coalesced. You must focus on the impact on cost but always try to simplify the transportation plan. Having more cars than necessary may be counterproductive. At the same time, trying to club too many people from distinctly different routes will prove to be costly.


  • Always opt for more capacity than you need. If you expect to have fifty people attending your event, arrange for the requisite transportation and possibly for more people, but never for fewer people. Many people might have some belongings that may take up some space inside the cars or buses. We have limos for three guests, six guests, nine people to twelve people and we have buses wherein you can accommodate anywhere from twenty to forty people.


  • Check if there is any need for ADA compliant buses. In an ideal scenario, every organizer must opt for ADA buses. In case you are aware of such a need, it is invariably the only option. Even if you or any of your attendees don’t use the lift in the buses, it goes on to show that you care and are proactively thoughtful.


  • Finally, always opt for personalized limo, car, and bus rental services. Event transportation cannot be generalized. Events are primarily about people. Even if the entire evening has a standard schedule and there are no special needs, the people will have unique requirements, and those must be attended to. We specialize in such bespoke limo, car, and bus rental services.


Posted on Apr 10 2018