5 Spots to get the best cocktails in Chicago

Where to Drink the Best Cocktails in Chicago

If you are on a trip in Chicago, even if we are talking about a business trip or a family vacation, enjoying a sophisticated or a funky cocktail will add a plus to your trip.

If you are on a business journey, you can impress your business partner if you invite him to a cocktail party and you will feel relaxed, maybe more creative. What about organizing a cocktail meeting with your team if you are on a business journey? You will have fun and you will discuss business in a fine atmosphere.

And if you are on holiday with your family or friends, spice up a little bit your Chicago experience. Follow our short guide for drinking the best cocktails in the Windy City.

The Barrelhouse Flat

A delicious cocktail and some jazz – the perfect combination. in a funky atmosphere, the Barrelhouse Flat is a concept created especially for cocktail lovers.

Add to this impressive experience some delicious appetizers, if you are in the mood to serve an entire meal – you can try the fabulous lobster mac and cheese or the gourmet popcorn, or fill your hungry belly with one of the amazing main dishes.

Getting back to the subject of our article, cocktails, The Barrelhouse Flat has a large variety of sophisticated drinks to offer you so ask the bartenders to present you their fine drinks and choose a cocktail that fits your personality and tastes.

The Grafton

Enjoy a real traditional Irish adventure at The Grafton – an authentic Irish Pub and Grill. You can even organize a business meeting at this fabulous bar and season your talk with a pint of Irish beer, in a proper, Irish inspired atmosphere.

The Grafton is a friendly, comfortable place to be no matter the season, but you have to try the traditional dishes – the lamb stew and the beer-battered onion rings. If you come here in winter, you have to try the Sippin’ Gin Fizz, or the Negroni, a particular combination of dry gin and sweet vermouth. And if it happens to be here at a business meeting, enjoy an authentic Irish coffee, always with Jameson.


Celeste has a great culinary experience to those eager to discover new tastes. It is the perfect place to be if you are here on a trip with your family or friends, but also if you are on a business travel and you want to talk with your partners or colleagues over a delicious, fancy cocktail, in a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere. During summertime, the rooftop offers a spectacular view.

The adventure starts in your plate when you choose one of the restaurant’s specialties – lamb shoulder and crab, or octopus for sophisticated tastes. You can choose a delicious cocktail at a reasonable price – there is an entire menu including $10 cocktails.

The Revel Room

Unwind after work or organize a relaxed business meeting over a fancy cocktail in this fantastic place where you can choose from a variety of craft beers and an impression selection of wines.

Oh, you are here for the cocktails, right? Try a spectacular combination of liquors from the impressive selection of $10 cocktails, or you ca try a fancy, personalized drink. And if you get hungry and you want to eat something delicious, try the Jidori chicken with sherry-truffle sauce.

The Berkshire Room

If you want to drink an elaborate cocktail, or you just want to enjoy a simple vodka soda, here is the place to be. Located at the bottom of ACME Hotel in the Windy City, The Berkshire Room offers you a great variety of crafted cocktails so you can choose the ingredients for your drink, and an expert bartender is going to craft it especially for you, for $14. Prices range from $12 to $15 for House Cocktails and Barrel Finished Cocktail.

You can even organize a business meeting here, as the cocktail lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere and great surroundings. And a delicious cocktail goes well with a special appetizer. Try the pickles vegetables, or the onion dip and popcorn.

These are just five amazing places where you can enjoy a cocktail in Chicago, but there are many other great places that will offer you an extraordinary experience.

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Posted on Aug 16 2016