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5 Pitfalls of Unmanaged Travel

5 Things that can Ruin Unmanaged Travels

The entire corporate life has changed due to technology. Corporate life has become a real culture. The new trend in business dress code is the comfort, as suits have been replaced by a “no dress code” style represented by relaxed shirts or T-shirts and a pair of classic jeans. Personal life and work are related more than ever, as employees started to create strong relationships with their colleagues, and large enterprises such as HubSpot and Google are a good example.

Even the world of corporate travel is in a continuous change and unmanaged business travels, also known as open booking travels, became more and more popular. A self-booking business trip means that an employee is free to choose his booking channel and other services, making him more independent as he can manage his program by himself according to his preferences.

But, on the other hand, unmanaged business trips can become stressful for an employee as he becomes more vulnerable.

Here are some things that can ruin an unmanaged business trip:

Increased Costs

Corporate trips are expensive, and one of the biggest responsibilities of a business travel manager is to control all the travel expenses, in other words, the business trip manager will make sure that the employee preparing for corporate travel will receive the best services at a lower price. Things can change when there is not a business manager to control everything. It will be tough for an employee to negotiate with travel companies and other related travel services in order to obtain the best prices, as the employee has to check his job-related tasks. And this can cost the company hundreds of dollars in time.

Dropped Value

The value represents the quality of the entire business trip, and when organizing you own corporate trip, as an employee, without professional support, you may find yourself stuck into so many reviews that you will end up in a bad hotel or with a bad ground transportation company at your service. And all this means that the value of your entire business trip will be reflected in your job satisfaction.

You Don’t Get incentives

Business managers are always trying to achieve incentives, but this is difficult for independent travelers when working with different companies. Many companies offer discounts and important upgrades in exchange for repeated services.

Low Safety

Safety is an essential element of a business trip, and a travel manager is an expert at evaluating travel risk for both international and domestic corporate journeys. According to the destination, business travel managers can provide specific training. That is why safety can be at risk in case of an unmanaged, especially because the traveler’s tracking becomes difficult. Without a proper briefing and complex itinerary before the business trip, the traveler may put himself in danger.

Wasted Time

In business, time is costly. So, is worthy to spend an entire day looking for the best travel company or briefing the itinerary for your next business trip, neglecting your important tasks? Planning a business trip is not that easy, and it’s time-consuming.

Of course, there are many benefits of unmanaged business trips, but is important to take into account the disadvantages and find a middle ground between the two. Remember that the success of a business is directly influenced by the success, performance, and satisfaction of every employee and business trips are a big deal.

Pontarelli Worldwide Ground Transportation knows how valuable your time is. Why waste it worrying about the perfect ground transportation service when you can put your efforts only into improving your business, while Pontarelli Chicago Limousine provides you the safest and comfortable transportation service? Our customers’ satisfaction is our first goal, and we can make things easier for you as we can help you with business travel arrangement.

Corporate Ground Transportation features:

GDS integration

Custom billing options

Commercial and private aviation flight tracking

Virtual Fleet

Dedicated account management

Triple reservation confirmations

Chauffeur Direct

We, at Pontarelli Chicago limo service, proactively team up with you to create a customized travel program that fits your needs and delivers a premium level of corporate travel service.

Pontarelli Chicago limousine service provides the best Chicago corporate transportation service available.  Contact us today and let us take care of your corporate transportation needs. Our aim is to exceed even the most demanding requests.

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From the beginning, our first goal was to go beyond any transportation solutions and give the best experience imaginable becoming the most trusted transportation partner.

Although we achieved this goal along the years, we didn’t stop and we’ll never will. We continuously improve our business investing in our fleet, technology, chauffeurs and customer experts.

Posted on Aug 09 2016

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