5 Iconic Places to Visit in Chicago

Did you know that Chicago is visited by more than 57 million tourists each year? This is thanks to the amazing architecture and tourist attractions that Windy City offers. If you are planning to visit Windy City for the first time, you are in for a great adventure. While there are hundreds of incredible locations to visit in Chicago, these five iconic places that we will present today need to be on your "must-visit" list.

#1 Take a Walk in the Millennium Park

Millennium Park is located in downtown Chicago, and it's one of the most iconic places you can visit in Windy City. The park is home to the amazing sculpture named Cloud Gate, or the "Bean," as the locals call it, which is a 110-ton centerpiece that features a mirror-like stainless steel surface. The Cloud Gate reflects the surroundings and it’s definitely an iconic place that attracts millions of tourists. Since you will be going for a walk in Millennium Park, you should also check out the Crown Fountain.

#2 Check Out the Lincoln Park Zoo

Whether traveling for business or with the family in Chicago, you will always have fun visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo. The zoo is home to hundreds of animals and offers countless exhibits that showcase different ecosystems from all over the world. A fun fact about this iconic place is the fact that it's one of the oldest zoos in North America. The Lincoln Park Zoo was founded in 1868, and it houses all sorts of animals, such as lions, gorillas, rhinos, and even polar bears.

#3 Grab a Bite at the Navy Pier

If you love good food, you need to make it a priority to visit the Navy Pier. The pier was created in 1916, and it was originally used as a shipping facility and amusement location. Nowadays, the Navy Pier is one of Chicago's most iconic locations offering access to concert venues, great restaurants, museums, parks, and more. This area is always crowded, and finding a parking spot is almost impossible. This is why you should consider booking a professional car service to help you visit the most iconic places Chicago offers.

#4 Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

No matter if you are an art connoisseur or a history buff, you are guaranteed to have a good time at the Art Institute of Chicago. This is one of the world's most extraordinary museums offering hundreds of thousands of artworks. What's incredible about the collections you can find at the Art Institute of Chicago is the fact that they span thousands of years. For example, you can find art from famous painters, such as Georges Seurat's 1884 "A Sunday Afternoon on la Grande Jatte."

#5 See a Game at Wrigley Field

If there is one thing that everyone who visits Windy City must do in order to get the complete Chicago experience, it must be to see a baseball game at the Wrigley Field. The arena was built in 1914 and is home to the famous Chicago Cubs MLB team. Make sure you buy tickets for games ahead of time so that you can get a good seat.

Posted on Jun 20 2022