5 Great Business Books to Read on the Road

Although you may not have significant time to catch up on reading when on a business trip, there are some opportunities. For instance, when you hire a limo service in Chicago, you have a comfortable and quiet environment perfect for reading a favorite or new business book. Instead of the ride being wasted time, it offers you the chance to read or if you prefer, conduct business.


Top-Rated Business Books


In addition to books that remain popular for years, you can find newly published books on business. As an avid reader, this creates the challenge of trying to stay on top of great reads. Because of this, you need to consider books of greatest value. As an example, if you are starting a new company then you want to read books that focus specifically on startups. However, if you’re interested in growing an existing company, then the goal becomes finding books about boosting the customer base and revenue.


  1. Small Data—Martin Lindstrom, a top marketing expert, uses his new book to remind business owners and executives that in certain situations, small clues can lead to major breakthroughs. Interestingly, Lindstrom spends roughly 300 nights a year in the homes of strangers, observing and learning key details that help people identify hidden desires. With this book, you will learn about huge successes that began as small pieces of data.


  1. The Confidence Game—Another exceptional read for 2016, this Maria Konnikova book examines the mind, as well as motives and methods used by con artists. Maria is a top science writer, so you have the opportunity to learn how to avoid disastrous situations that could negatively impact your business.


  1. Sprint—In this Braden Knowitz, Jake Knapp, and Josh Zeratsky book—three of the venture partners with Google—you learn a specific process for pushing through challenging problems. As a result, you begin to change the way you think about business opportunities.


  1. The Inevitable—Author Kevin Kelly is one of the top technology thinkers. His book serves as a guide to help shape your business from a technological standpoint. This book is provocative, compelling, and dead on. In addition to positioning your company better today, the information will shape your business for the next three decades.


  1. Superbosses—In a highly competitive world, you must be a solid leader. Sydney Finkelstein, a professor with Tuck University, shares information from over 200 interviews to outline how to become an extraordinary boss. No mater the situation, the information provided in Superbosses will make you better at what you do, regardless of industry.


Using a Chicago Limo Service


Using the services of a limousine service in Chicago will mean you have quiet time to catch up on great books like those mentioned while enjoying comfortable, convenient, and safe transportation.

Posted on Feb 16 2016