4 Habits of Over-achievers that You Can Steal

There are those business people you come across once in a while that seem to fit 10 times more into their day than everyone else and consistently enjoy spectacular success. You might think it’s often down to chance – maybe they were in the right place at the right time, maybe they have fewer personal commitments than you – but as the old saying goes, you make your luck. Here are 4 habits of over-achievers that you can implement today to help you get more from your own personal and professional life.

  • Be an early riser

You might struggle with rising early if you are more naturally a night owl, but try to force yourself to get up at a regular time every morning – whether or not we always feel like it, most people are more productive and can approach tasks with more energy in the morning. If you don’t want to go straight to work, use the time to get in a morning workout which will help wake your body and get you ready for the day ahead. Most highly successful individuals consistently maintain an early morning routine that allows them to get more done by 9am than most people have achieved by lunchtime!

  • Don’t shy away from the hard tasks

Rather than putting off difficult tasks, launch into these first. Over-achievers don’t delay and ruminate over challenging situations, they simply get on with trying to solve them. Take a leaf out of their book and approach hard tasks boldly before you move on to less urgent or demanding work. This way you’ll approach challenges with a fresh mind and won’t have had time to work up stress and worry over anticipated difficulties which can actually delay your progress.

  • Maintain a positive mental attitude

Try to approach everything you do with a positive frame of mind. This is truly challenging when you are faced with undesirable or stressful situations, but with regular practice you will start to take on these situations more calmly and efficiently. Use positive self-talk, write down your goals for the day, or even verbalize your approach with a co-worker to set yourself in the right frame of mind to tackle difficult situations. Stop whenever negative thoughts start to creep in and remind yourself of the positive messages you gave yourself at the beginning of the day. The more you practice this, the more like second nature it will become.

  • Focus on the detail

Over-achievers don’t leave anything to chance – they believe most situations are under their control and that small details are often the difference between success and failure. Be meticulous in your approach and force yourself to search for the small details that you may often overlook. You’ll soon learn to go about all of your work in this way and will find that you spot potential issues and opportunities much more readily.

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Posted on Feb 20 2018