3 Tips for Avoiding Scams When Dealing With Travel Agents

limo service chicagoTravel agencies are a fantastic way to get a deal on a trip, but as recent news has shown, you can't trust all travel agencies. Before you book your next flight, hotel or vacation package, there are a few things that you might want to do to verify that everything is on the up-and-up.

1. Always Make Sure Your Documents Are In Order

Though a travel agent may claim to help you with your passport, visas and other issues, you should always double check at a government agency to make sure that you have the documents necessary. Some visas can be harder to get than others, so you shouldn't trust an agent who claims there will be no issues getting your ducks in a row. It can take months to get a new passport or visa, so you need to be absolutely certain it's all arranged.

2. Get an Itemized Billing and Check the Prices

Make sure to get an itemized billing from your travel agent which separates the flight and hotel costs. You can then use the Internet to make sure that you, yourself, can't get any lower prices than is on the bill. For package deals, try to reconstruct the package on your own. You might be surprised to find out exactly how cheap costs can be when you arrange them on your own.

3. Always Ask for Referrals

Working with a travel agent that your company or a friend has worked with before is usually the safest way to ensure that you get the trip that you want at a price that is beneficial for you. Travel agents have many uses, but they are often best used in situations when you need bulk tickets, such as for corporate events or large group vacations.

Though travel agents can occasionally get you good deals, don't forget that the companies themselves can often give you discounts and promotions. In particular, you might want to consult with your friendly chauffeur and ground transportation company to find out what deals they have for you.

Posted on Jan 07 2015