3 Problems With Group Tours And How To Avoid Them

Group tours may sound like a fun way to see Chicago, but they are really more pain than pleasure. Some people decide to choose group tours because they are generally cheap. However, the cost is hardly worth it for all of the problems that naturally come with this option. If you're going to be planning a tour around the city, you want to be sure that your money spent is worthwhile. Here are the top 3 problems with group tours that you should be aware of before you think about booking a reservation:


  1. Not Enough Time to Enjoy Places

Chicago is full of amazing places to visit: Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Millenium Park, and the list goes on. So what's the point of seeing these places if you can't spend the proper amount of time there? Many group tours try to hit up too many destinations in one day. As soon as you get off the bus, it seems like the guide is calling you to get back on. This kind of rushed agenda doesn't allow you to really enjoy the place. With so many incredible attractions to visit, a city like Chicago deserves some more attention than that.


  1. No Privacy

Another issue with group tours is the privacy factor. Most group tours try to make the most money by booking each trip with the maximum number of people. Packed in tight on a bus, you can expect little to no elbow room for the entire tour. If you're someone who values your space, this is not the option for you. Even if you are a people person, the reality is you never know who you will have to ride with on a group tour. It could end up that your entire trip around Chicago gets ruined just because someone doesn't believe in taking showers.


  1. No Customization of Trip Schedule

For most group tours, there is very little ability to customize your trip. Usually you are on their schedule--seeing only what they determine is most important. The group tours always hit up the most popular attractions. However, having to stick to a strict itinerary can result in spending hours somewhere that doesn't even appeal to you. Without a flexible tour, you run the risk of missing out on all of the best places that actually match your interests.


If you really want to see the city the right way, the best way to go is solo. See the city how you want to see it. You can guarantee an enjoyable and comfortable trip by hiring our limo service. Traveling at your own pace, our limousine chauffeurs abide by your schedule. They are service professionals that ensure that you get where you want to go comfortably and safely. Don't make the mistake of choosing a group tour just because of the cheaper cost. In the end, it's worth it to choose an option that is going to satisfy your needs.

Posted on Jan 24 2017