20 Fun Facts about Chicago

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Fascinating Chicago Facts

  1. In 1949, spray paint was invented in this city.

  1. There is just one river that flows backward in the world—the Chicago River.

  1. In 1874, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo purchased its first animal for just $10. It was a bear cub.

  1. The largest collection of Impressionist paintings outside Paris’ Louvre is at the Art Institute of Chicago.

  1. In 1937, the first US blood bank was founded in Chicago.

  1. Measuring 23.5 miles, Western Avenue is the longest continuous street in the world.

  1. The Chicago Public Library was createdfrom the ashes of the great Chicago fire in 1871.

  1. Granddad, an 85-year-old Australian lungfish, is the oldest aquatic animal in a public aquarium in the world, and livesat Shedd Aquarium.

  1. Chicago was home to the first Playboy Mansion, and in 1953, the first Playboy publication was started by Hugh Hefner in this city.

  1. In 1851, the zipper was invented in Chicago.

  1. The Ferris wheel was invented in 1893 in Chicago.

  1. Back in 1930, the Twinkie was invented in Chicago.

  1. Gotham City from the famous movie Batman was based primarily on Chicago.

  1. Making its debut in Chicago in 1956 was the first all-color television station.

  1. In 1868, the vacuum cleaner was invented in Chicago.

  1. The invention of deep-dish pizza comes from Chicago.

  1. From the top of Willis Tower, four states are visible, including Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

  1. The first televised US presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy was broadcast by CBS Studios in September of 1960.

  1. Chicago became home to the Home Insurance Building in 1885. The first skyscraper originally stood nine stories tall.

  1. At the 1893 Chicago Fair, Cracker Jacks were introduced.

Getting Around Chicago


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Posted on Feb 23 2016