10 Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier

using gadgetsThanks to technology, your business trips no longer have to be challenging. In fact, by using some of the innovative gadgets available, you can be more organized, be more productive, and conduct business more efficiently.


Gadgets You Need When Traveling


  1. Secure Your Luggage—You can never be too careful when traveling with luggage. To keep your bags and everything inside secure, consider using Eviate eTrack. This unobtrusive gadget lets you know where your bags are at any given time. For checking your bags in from home, you can use Eviate eTag, a cleaver digital gadget.

  1. Adapting to the Environment—Another gadget for your upcoming trip is the Go Travel Worldwide USB adapter, which eliminates the need to pack plugs and wires in your luggage. Along with two USB ports, the gadget has four sliding pins for various plug configurations.


  1. Typing on the Go—If you use the Zagg Pocket Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, you have a portable keyboard that works with any laptop.


  1. Protecting Your Technology—To prevent damage to your mobile devices, laptop computer, and other technological items, Tech21 offers a range of gadgets that feature FlexShock protection against spilled coffee and rough handling.


  1. Track Expenses While Traveling—To stay on top of spending when traveling, you should consider secure and easy-to-use gadgets like PrePay Solutions. This prepaid travel money order makes budgeting easier.

  1. Easy Translation—Especially when traveling to a foreign country, you need a translation gadget handy. One of the best is the Franklin 12-Language Global Translator, which comes loaded with 12,000 preprogrammed phrases in 12 languages.


  1. Lock Your Laptop—To keep your laptop fully protected, the Kensington ComboSaver Portable Notebook Lock is ideal. Unfortunately, statistics show that a laptop computer is stolen every 53 seconds, but by using this lock, you avoid becoming a victim.


  1. Cancel Out the Noise—Whether on the plane, waiting for your flight at the airport, or in any environment with excessive chaos, you can use headphones to drown out unwanted noise. One of the best options are Planet Clear Harmony Noise Cancelling Headphones, comfortable to wear and affordably priced.


  1. Getting Through Security Easier—You can order the Clear Card, which contains biometric data, so when you’re going through security at the airport, you simply use this card at a kiosk center to speed through the process.


  1. Enjoy Fresh Coffee in the Morning—If you need a fresh cup of java to start your day but cannot stand hotel coffee, take the Minipresso along. With this hand-powered gadget, you end up with the perfect cup of java, set at 152 degrees.


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Posted on Dec 16 2015